It gives us great pleasure to introduce our new GIVE BACK CAMPAIGN in conjunction with Churchills International Express.
This ground breaking platform of marketing does not only support Feed the Babies Fund,  but has a give back incentive to your company by allowing you to collect BEE points at no extra cost to you!

By merely clicking on the link you can help generate income for FEED THE BABIES FUND.

How it works:
If you currently utilize a courier company just click on the link and a Churchills sales executive will be in contact with you to come and assess your courier needs. They will in most instances, match or better your current rates and they will also donate on your behalf, 3% of your monthly expenditure to us – for as long as the account is active! In addition this will enable you to gain social economic development points and improve your BEE score. 

Churchills will assist you by arranging your donation certificates.

1. To earn points on your BEE scorecard for Socio-Economic Development, a company turning over less than R35 million can earn 25 points for donating 1% of their Net Profit after Tax to a charity. Companies turning over more than R35 million can earn 5 points for donating 1% of their NPAT to appropriate charities.
2. When the company does a donation of this nature, you will need the following documentation for the verification agency:• Proof of the payment (which will be supplied to you by Churchills)• Acknowledgement from the charity.(which will be organized for you by Churchills)

We thank you for supporting this initiative.