The purpose of this course is to equip teachers with the necessary tools to successfully manage and maintain an Early Childhood Development Centre.

Our Crèche Management in-house course, drafted by staff of Feed the Babies Fund, is structured into five modules covering the learning areas required by Early Childhood Development practitioners as identified by us on our numerous visits to the rural educare centres.

The Objectives of this course is to give practitioners and understanding of:

  • How young children develop.
  • What is expected of you as an Early Childhood Development Centre teacher.
  • What the basic minimal requirements are to establish and run an ECD Centre.
  • How to create a learning environment within an ECD Centre.
  • What administrative measures need to be put in place in an effective ECD Centre.
  • Safety, Health and Hygiene requirements in an ECD Centre.
  • How to plan and teach a basic ECD learning program.