This training explores and demonstrates the importance of using the basic LEGO Duplo bricks, including the other elements of the Play Box, to develop and foster learning in the classroom through play.

Guided by our qualified LEGO facilitator, Sibo, participants are actively involved in hands-on learning and creative play using the Duplo bricks with an emphasis on developing conceptual and perceptual awareness of the many skills that Duplo bricks shapes. They are introduced to teacher–guided activities that help the children develop holistically by focusing on the importance of children’s physical, social, cognitive, creative and emotional skills and how these complement and interact with each other.

At the conclusion of the training, practitioners are visited at their centres and awarded LEGO play boxes consisting of new LEGO Duplo bricks and elements. At the same time, they are assessed on their ability to utilise the play boxes to develop and foster learning.