LEGO® Playbox

This is a non-accredited course.


2 days

The training workshop is wonderful, fun filled and very useful for young children and ECD practitioners alike. The LEGO® workshop explores and demonstrates the importance of using the LEGO® Basic Duplo bricks, including the other elements of the Play box, as a manipulative that can be used in the classroom to develop and foster learning through play.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be visited at their ECD centres, assessed and handed a box of LEGO® duplo blocks with their certificate of competence.

Purpose of this skills course:

Delegates who partake in this course will be actively involved in hands on learning and creative play using Duplo bricks with an emphasis on developing conceptual and perceptual awareness offered by the many skills that the Duplo bricks shape.

Recipients of this skills course will be:

  • Trained to run their own training sessions with children using the DUPLO Play boxes.
  • Equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of the DUPLO manipulatives to confidently facilitate teaching with children.
  • Developed their organisational, methodology and facilitation skills including questioning techniques and classroom control techniques.
  • Motivated and inspired to pass on this knowledge to other carers.