Every Word Counts

This is a non-accredited course. However, some modules covered do align with SAQA credits.


3 days

During the course delegates will be given a variety of exercises to do as practical reinforcement of the principles learnt. Assessment of delegates will take place throughout the course. At the end of course, a certificate of attendance is issued.

Purpose of this short course:

Having identified the need for change in ECD carers’ approach and teaching methods, we have formulated a course that appeals to a change in behaviour in practitioners and a focus on building language, literacy, and numeracy in children under their care in a classroom environment.

Recipients of this skills course will benefit from:

  1. Sharing ideas with other ECD practitioners.
  2. Learning to recycle and use waste materials to make educational toys.
  3. The practical nature of the workshop gives them a better understanding of how to implement the lessons learnt.
  4. Understanding the need to change our behaviour when teaching children.
  5. Not to criticise children but always to encourage and uplift.
  6. Every opportunity allows us to teach children new concepts.


Module 1: Talk

  1. Enjoy good talking time
  2. Add and use words
  3. Encourage talking

Module 2: Telling Stories & Sing

  1. Tell stories
  2. Sing & Action Rhymes

Module 3: Play

  1. Water, Sand, Blocks, Puzzles
  2. Pretend Play
  3. Counting & Measuring
  4. Letters & Listening

Module 4: Share Books & Notice Print

  1. New Words
  2. Interactive Reading
  3. Make Books
  4. Pretend Reading
  5. Notice Print

Module 5: Draw & Write

  1. Create time, space & materials
  2. Build small muscles
  3. Look then draw
  4. Emergent Writing