Feed the Babies Fund has been addressing the issue of food security; and specifically malnutrition; amongst orphans and vulnerable children since 1957, by providing cereal to babies and children living in the poorest areas of our Province.

We provide Educare Centres with a fortified, concentrated cereal that contains the correct ratio of vitamins, proteins and minerals required for a young child’s development. In order for a child to experience normal growth, reach the correct developmental milestones and benefit from proper education, a balanced protein diet is essential. It is an established fact that extended periods of malnutrition results in irreparable brain damage.

By providing breakfast to the children, they are better equipped to concentrate and benefit from the teaching provided to the carers.

In supplying cereal to centres, we adhere to a strict policy of controlling and monitoring the daily feeding of each child. Daily registers of child attendance and food consumption are maintained and monitored on a monthly basis. Site visits are conducted by our Project staff on a regular basis.

We provide breakfast daily to over 5 000 children in Kwazulu-Natal’s rural areas and townships.