Building institutional capacity of creches

Feed the Babies Fund provides an educative, stimulating and safe environment for children through education of the caregivers in Crèche Management, Early Childhood Development programs and First Aid.
To ensure that children attending crèche receive the necessary education and stimulation, we offer caregivers an in-house course in Crèche Management. This equips them with the necessary skills to ensure that crèches are run correctly and become sustainable over the long term. We also facilitate outsourced courses in other ECD disciplines and First Aid.
These courses equip them with the necessary tools to manage their crèches effectively and teach the children a syllabus that assists in their development and prepares them for school education.
 In addition to the training courses, crèches are provided with educational posters and stationery to assist in the implementation of that learnt on the courses.
We also guide and support the crèches in their endeavours to become legally registered so that they can institute their own fundraising initiatives.